CouldYou? Delivers The First Round of Children’s Books in Mozambique

In partnership with the Joaquim Chissano Foundation, CouldYou? distributed 850 copies of Mozambique’s first children’s book, Mr. Rabbit and the Well (Nwa Mpfundla Ni Shilhowo), to schools and a village in Mozambique. The book has been endorsed by Mozambique’s Minister of Culture, Minister of Education, and former president Joaquim Chissano.

Mr. Rabbit and the Well tells the story of a community of animals who, when faced with a drought, decide to create a well. When everyone but Mr. Rabbit agrees to do their part to contribute to the well, Lion bans him from using it. Mr. Rabbit, clever as he is, seeks out cunning ways to get past the well’s guards and splash and play in the water. Will Mr. Rabbit get away with his scheming, or will the community find a way to catch him in his tricks?

Created by literacy specialist April Nickell and designer Eric Emch, and translated from Mozambican educator Manuel Jeque Francisco, Mr. Rabbit and the Well is the first in a series of stories native to Mozambique that will allow the next generation to learn and grow with books that reflect and celebrate their culture. While there is a rich tradition of oral storytelling, Mr. Rabbit and the Well is the first of its kind, original children’s book based on Mozambican folklore.

Give the gift of literacy to kids in Mozambique. $20 provides three kids with a Mr. Rabbit and the Well book. $500 provides a classroom of 75 kids with a book. It is estimated that 9,000 students and parents will read these 850 books! Click here to support our efforts.