CouldYou? believes that now is the time for change in Mozambique, and it starts with education.

Sky-high unemployment rates and deteriorated families set the backdrop for Mozambique’s children. 

Economic dependence on South Africa, severe drought, and a prolonged civil war slow the country’s development. Despite rich natural resources and sprawling agriculture,

Mozambique remains one of the poorest and most underdeveloped countries in the world.

With current political stability and economic growth, and the recent discoveries of vast reserves of coal, natural gas and oil, many doors are opening for work. Sadly, the lack of education perpetuates a void of educated workers and prevents locals from equitably benefiting from foreign investment.

There are 17 million school-aged youth in Mozambique

of school-aged youths are illiterate


of those who finish primary school will never master basic reading, writing, or math


of girls enroll in primary school but only 1% make it to college

Mozambique is embarking on an ambitious education initiative to leapfrog the current education gap in order to address the deficit of skilled laborers.  CouldYou? developed a 20-year plan; a low-cost, sustainable model to improve education in Mozambique. This initiative will transform the education system in the country, ultimately dismantling the chains of extreme poverty with a goal to expand into all of Africa.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education, we are training teachers how to identify illiterate students and get them literate in 5 months.  In addition, we are providing free community literacy classes for adults.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to impact every child in Mozambique. Over the next 10 years, our literacy program could impact 16.7 million school-aged children, as 62% of the population of Mozambique is between the ages of 5 and 25.

As a result of the initiative:

  • Literacy rates are projected to increase to 98%
  • 85% of people are projected to procure higher paying jobs
  • An entire generation of youth will be transformed and ready to lead their country to continued economic growth

In addition, as Chair of the Africa Forum of Former African Heads of State and Government, President Chissano is uniquely positioned to replicate this literacy initiative to other African countries, so the impact can truly be continent-wide.


In 2018, CouldYou? will train and equip 360 teachers with the necessary tools to identify illiterate students and work to get them literate in 5 months. This will impact 22,000 students and every future classroom


$3,600 brings transformation to a new community/village through a literacy program, hosted in a local church


This is a proven model of transformation for classrooms and communities alike.

In addition to teaching teachers, we provide free community literacy classes to children and adults through the local churches.

Our CY Literacy Country Director was just hired by the Mozambican Ministry of Education to teach his literacy class to 800 teachers in 2018!